Privacy Policy

In order to gain better insights about the visitors on this site I use web analytics. This provides important metrics such as number of unique visitors and average duration on site. Collecting and synthesizing this data allows me to provide you with more meaningful content.

Cookies: A cookie is a text file that stores information about a user such as their preferences or location. Many of the web’s most popular sites use cookies in order to improve the user experience; a good example of this is Google Analytics is used on this site in order to study visitors’ patterns. It uses first and third party cookies. A first party cookie is set by the site itself, while a third party cookie is set by an external one. If you don’t you’re your session tracked then you can install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on:

Subscriber Information: An important aspect of my digital marketing strategy is to collect visitors contact information. This allows me to deliver timely content to you in an efficient manner. I don’t buy or rent email lists, and I only email those who have granted me permission to do so. You have the right to opt out of my mailings anytime for any given reason.

Computer security: Visitors should make sure that their device has the latest antivirus/spyware software installed to protect their system from potential malware found on the web. This site contains links to external ones and I have no control over the measures that those websites take to secure themselves.