Purcell Consult is currently in its startup stage and plans to rapidly expand its catalog of products in the fourth quarter of 2018. There are currently three books under publication for Purcell Consult which is Java for Newbies, Scrum Magic, and The Art and Science of Self Publishing. All three of these books can be purchased directly through this site via PayPal or via Amazon and affiliated retail outlets. To stay up to date about the product offerings of Purcell Consult you can subscribe to our newsletter.

Java for Newbies: The Ultimate Crash Course

Java is considered the Achilles’ heel of beginner programmers. It’s strict and heavy syntax can discourage determined beginners. If you’re frustrated by weird jargon or unmotivated by coding examples that makes no sense then your anxieties will soon be exterminated. Java for Newbies is the perfect counterpunch for inadequate programming education.

Since learning a new programming language is no joke it’s critical that you pick the right learning source. You need a programming book that rapidly reduces the learning curve and empowers you with the knowledge to start coding with supreme confidence.

Then, coding will go from being hair-pulling frustrating to tons of fun. Java for Newbies rapidly demystifies Java programming so that you can be on your path to building cool things with one of the worlds most powerful, versatile, and popular programming languages.

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Scrum Magic: Ultimate Training Guide to the Agile Framework

Become a professional Scrum Master and elevate your career by getting certified in Scrum today. Scrum is the de facto standard for managing software projects. Thousands of software companies want to become more agile so that they can deftly shift gears to stay competitive in a rapidly changing marketplace–everyone from emerging startups to longstanding corporations is implementing Scrum.

Scrum Masters master Scrum. They understand the key concepts of Scrum such as the roles, rules, artifacts, Sprint cycle, and how to successfully install it in companies.

Scrum Masters are in high demand due to their extreme knowledge about the Scrum framework and its practices. With Scrum Magic not only will you acquire expert knowledge of Scrum but you’ll also get over 100 exercises with solutions that will help prepare you to get PSP I certified. This workbook saves you from attending a 4-figure course and preps you so that you can get your PSP I certification on the first try.

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The Art and Science of Self Publishing: Simple Guide to Self Publishing World Class Books

Freedom. That’s the name of the game when you’re a self-publisher. With the rapid revolution of the self-publishing industry writers can finally control their destiny. Writers are no longer disenfranchised when a Big 5 Book Publisher flat out rejects their manuscript. Now, writers globally are empowered with the tools and resources to write, self publish, and market their books.

Never in history have there been so many marvelous opportunities for authors to speedily transform their ideas into a book. The multi-billion-dollar Godzilla in Amazon allows authors to easily publish ebooks through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), and create a paperback edition with Create Space print on demand.

With self publishing you don’t need an agent, or to be an “elite” insider in order to gain pivotal book contracts. All you need is in depth education which “The Art & Science of Self Publishing” will reveal in a mind opening way. Are you an arts and photography aficionado who wants to write a book about their hobby? Perhaps you had a distinguished career and want to write a memoir based on your experiences? Maybe you’re a home chef that wants to share your sizzling recipes in a cookbook? The options are limitless with self publishing.

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